Friday, December 02, 2005

Chapter 2 - New Beginnings

“Neeta!?!...hi…unhh…this is Raj.” Mumbled Raj as Neeta picked up the phone. Raj had waited three days since the day at the restaurant before calling her. Rishi had insisted that there was an art to these things and one had to time the first call. Too soon and the girl thinks that the guy is desperate, too late and the girl thinks that the guy is a player. So, an impatient Raj had waited three days before calling Neeta.

“Ohh…hi. I was wondering if you would call.” Said the silky voice on the phone. “Of course I was going to call you. I made a promise.” Blustered Raj. “Oh…so this is about a promise.” Teased Neeta. This was good, thought Neeta. Raj brought with him a breath of fresh air and with him around, she just might get to love Delhi. As far as falling in love, she had no intention of getting distracted from her studies. Afterall, her best friends’ elder sister had warned her, “Boys will be boys.”

“Bunch of us are getting together at Rishi’s place tomorrow, and I was wondering if you would like to be my…uhhh…go with me.” Stammered Raj. He just couldn’t figure our why he was behaving like a teenager. What’s the big deal? He had been dating girls for years, and yet this felt like it was the first time.

“That would be great. I would love to see Rishi again.” Said Neeta and then bit her lip. “Love to see Rishi again. Why the hell did she say that?” The same thought occurred to both of them at the same time. For Raj, it was tinged with jealousy, and for Neeta a sense of perplexion.


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